The Power of Story (a free audio-course)


Write Books, Make Movies: How to Write, Publish, Promote, and Adapt Your Book to Film or Television

Receive Robert’s “Bestseller Blueprint” and “How To Become a Published Author” with the full course. 

Taught by:
Robert Hammond, Screenwriter and Author &
Terri Zinner, Screenwriter and Producer


Becoming an author and writing your first novel

Novel Writer vs. Screenwriter

How to Adapt Your Screenplay or Book

Learn how Terri’s film STRAIGHT EDGE went from book to film

Coverage on Books to Screenplays

Blueprints on creating and developing your book or novel

Outlining your book in one day and developing the concept

Getting yourself motivated to write

Publishing your Book: Traditional vs. Self-Publishing

Marketing your Book

Breaking into Reality TV with your book

Creating the strong logline and tagline

Resources to help the writer

Q & A and more!

  • Special Report: Your Best Seller Blueprint by Robert Hammond
  • Special Report: How to Become a Published Author by Robert Hammond
  • Ebook: Screenplay Adaptation by Robert Hammond & Terri Zinner
  • Teleseminar: Screenplay Adaptation
  • Teleseminar: Screenplay Adaptation Q&A
EBOOK ONLY $37.00:
  • Screenplay Adaptation Ebook By Robert Hammond & Terri Zinner

Course: Write Books Make Movies

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